Finisar’s optical subsystems primarily include transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and transponders. Finisar’s optical subsystems provide the fundamental optical-electrical interface for connecting fiber optic equipment like switches, routers, and file servers.

Finisar also offers products for switching network traffic from one optical wavelength to another across multiple wavelengths, known as reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers. The company’s line of optical components principally comprises packaged lasers and photodetectors used in transceivers for LAN and SAN applications; and passive optical components used in building MANs.



Qlogic provides network communication products, such as fibre channel switches, including stackable edge switches, bladed switches, virtualized pass-through modules, and high-port count modular-chassis switches; Ethernet pass-through modules; and storage routers for bridging fibre Channel, FCoE, and iSCSI networks, as well as for migrating data between storage devices.

Qlogic also offers a wide array of connectivity products, such as fibre channel and Internet small computer systems interface (iSCSI) host bus adapters; fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) converged network adapters; and intelligent Ethernet adapters.



Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of Internet protocol based Ethernet – and storage area networking (SAN) solutions. 

Brocade’s Data Storage Products division provides infrastructure products and solutions, SAN backbones, directors, fabrics, switches, host bus adapters, and server virtualization solutions. These products are also used to consolidate server and storage assets and centralize data management. Brocade’s Ethernet Products division offers layer 2 and 3 switches and routers, that enable the use of bandwidth-intensive and Internet-based applications.


Oracle | SUN

Oracle’s hardware systems offerings consist of computer server and hardware-related software, including the Oracle Solaris Operating System; and storage products, such as tape libraries, disk arrays and networking solutions for open systems and mainframe server environments. Oracle Corporation is primarily an enterprise software company but with the acquisition of SUN/StorageTek has become a leading provider of hardware systems

Zibiz is an Oracle Gold partner.