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Keeping your critical business data, whether in motion or at rest, highly secure and protected yet highly available, is as daunting as ever in today’s environment of rapid information and technological change. Therefore, the ultimate goal of any data protection strategy should be focused on protecting the value of your IT-investments!

More with Less

One of the most prevalent data management challenges facing enterprises today, is dealing with exponential data growth while meeting stringent backup service-level agreements (SLAs), keeping the desired Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and simplifying while enhancing remote office protection. IT organizations are challenged to do more with limited budgets and fewer IT resources. Easing these pain points requires a paradigm shift towards optimized data protection.

Key focus focus any data protection strategy is to keep  the primary dataset in pristine condition and available  in either a preventative (Proactive) or restorative (Reactive) manner. Preventative Data Protection & Availability solutions protect the primary data-set from compromise and keeping it intact and available on an ongoing basis (RTO=0) through access control, encryption, fault-tolerance and redundancy. Restorative Data Protection & Availability solutiona restore the data-set back to pristine condition after compromise occurred. Effectively going back in-time (RTO>0) and replacing the compromised data with a known good copy (golden copy).

Please read more about the recent developments in data protection & security offerings below or get the ball rolling by  discussing your specific data protection & security needs with one of our data protection professionals.


Backup & RecoveryBackup and Recovery

Shorter Backup & Restore windows combined with better security, redundancy and higher availability due to centralized, automated, and accelerated data backup and recovery across your IT environment. Record-breaking performance and a wide range of data protection options to safeguard your critical business data.
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Replication and Deduplication Replication and Deduplication

Reducing the “data-set footprint” by means of data deduplication will result in faster replication, backup & recovery and archiving due to reduced network traffic and optimized storage infrastructure Read more »

Tiering and Archiving

Tiering & Archiving

Improve the overall efficiency of storage environments by moving the data to the appropriate storage medium. Frequently accessed and crucial data on lower tiers that provide the ultimate in performance and accessibility whereas rarely accessed data can reside on higher tiers that are more cost-effective. Read more »

Continuous Protection & Disaster Recovery Continuous Protection and Disaster Recovery

Restore applications instantly to a specific point in time with bi-directional synchronous and asynchronous replication that provide a “DVR” like experience in respect to recording & restoring your data-set. Read more »


Cloud Based Data protection Cloud Based Data Protection

Secure yet cost-effective data protection with cloud based or Storage-As-A-Service solutions. Application oriented storage solutions based on the internet service delivery model where storage is provided as needed in a private, public or hybrid setting. Read more »

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