In today’s business environment of rapid technological change, relentless data growth and ever increasing regulatory requirements, managing your organization’s data assets has never been as complex yet increasingly important to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Zibiz is a provider of innovative IT solutions, alleviating the intricacies and overall daunting task of managing your data adequately! We specialize in providing solutions for managing the “Data-Set” in medium-to enterprise commercial clients as well as government. As a federally recognized small business, Zibiz is partnered with leading manufacturers in the industry to assure our clients the latest, most innovative yet cost-effective IT products, services and solutions.

Many research papers surveying the current and future landscape of information technology make it clear that the value proposition for outsourced IT services is compelling and of increasing popularity. Be at the forefront of this wave of companies refocusing on their core competencies as you leverage the knowledge of your IT partner to create new opportunities, increase your competitive advantage and assure business continuity for your company.

The challenge now is to find the right partner: responsive to your needs, flexible enough to custom-tailor a solution to your unique situation, with a finger on the pulse of changing technology…


ZiBiz is that partner, and your success is our mission.

Our high quality data management solutions are based on the latest technologies and developments in the fields of Data Storage, Data Networking, Data protection and Enterprise Computing. Read more about them below or get the ball rolling and discuss your business’ specific data management requirements with one our IT professionals.

Data Storage

Customized storage solutions, based on industry best practices and our Multi-Vendor knowledge, Experience and Certifications. Whether a Departmental, Enterprise, Unified or Cloud Storage solution. More

Data Protection

Keeping your business data, whether in motion or at rest, highly secured and protected. In the relentless effort of protecting and managing your critical business data and keeping it secure yet highly available, Zibiz’s data protection solutions. More

Enterprise Networking

Zibiz’s Enterprise Networking solutions are the foundation for high performance connectivity over Ethernet, Fibre channel Optical, Infiniband and Converged network environments. More…

Enterprise Computing

The building blocks of todays virtualized datacenters, Powerful Enterprise computing platforms that are highly scalable, redundant, multi-core yet cost-effective. Zibiz Enterprise computing solutions provide the computing power of today’s business in a virtualized world! More…

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