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Zibiz Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud computing is where IT is headed because the concept promises the ultimate in flexibility, quality of service, and efficiency!

As so many different vendors provide a myriad of cloud products, platforms, services and applications, it is easy to not see the sky for the clouds…And this is were Zibiz can help! Aligning your business needs with the best Cloud solution available.



Based on the conceptual model of IT-as-a-Service, Cloud based solutions have as common goal to achieve business agility in an environment of rapid technological change. Nevertheless all Cloud Solutions have to address the intricacies of storing, retrieving, securing and processing the data at physically remote and different locations yet being transparently accessible from virtually anywhere on the internet. Key in moving towards such an Internet service delivery model is assessing what applications and services can and should be moved to the cloud. This is also one of the most challenging tasks in adopting cloud computing due to its multifaceted nature of challenges balancing security, availability, economics and trust.


Cloud StorageCloud Storage

Cloud Storage Solutions or the concept of Storage-As-A-Service let enterprises and service providers store, manage, and protect globally distributed, unstructured content at scale. Zibiz Cloud Storage solutions provide the essential building blocks to implement a private, public, or hybrid cloud storage environment.


Cloud SecurityCloud Security

Possibly one of the most important considerations is the security of the data stored at 3rd party providers. In order to provide a scalable,cost-effective yet secure environment certain companies and government agencies opt to implement strictly private- or policy based hybrid cloud solutions.


Cloud Optimized NetworksCloud Optimized Networks

Zibiz’s Enterprise Networking solutions are the foundation for high performance connectivity over Ethernet, Fibre channel Optical, Infiniband and Converged network environments. Virtualized datacenters and Cloud based applications.


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