Storage Area Networks

Multi-layer Directors as high-performance, protocol-independent director-class SAN switches. These directors are designed to meet stringent requirements of enterprise storage environments. and provide:

  • High availability
  • Storage infrastructure connectivity for converged LAN and SAN fabrics
  • Scalability
  • Security

Transparent integration of intelligent features for storage management and State-of-the-Art Optical switching provide the bandwidth & reach for today’s business applications, virtualized Datacenters and Storage Area Networks (SANs).
Multilayer Directors, Fabric Switches and Fibre Channel Backbones provide the most reliable, scalable, high-performance foundation for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments.

Backbone families are designed to unleash the full potential of private cloud storage. With unmatched scalability, performance, and reliability, they are the strategic platforms for transforming current SAN fabrics into cloud-optimized SAN.

Featured SAN networking products:

  • Cisco Multilayer Directors & Fabric Switches
  • Brocade Optical SAN Switches
  • Qlogic Optical Fabric Switches

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